Nitro Powered Ice Cream in Connecticut

Earlier this summer I had the chance to visit one of Connecticut’s most interesting new ice cream parlors, Milkcraft in Fairfield. I was writing about the new spot for Connecticut Magazine. My visit had been prompted by the way ice cream is produced at Milkcraft. Instead of being frozen slowly overtime, the ice cream is made to order from cream, sugar and other ingredients. This instant ice cream process works thanks to the help of liquid nitrogen.

As I wrote after my initial visit:

“After you order, a worker dons protective gloves and adds milk and sugar and other ingredients specific to your order to a bowl under the food mixer. Liquid nitrogen is so cold that when it comes in contact with skin it can be uncomfortable … After the worker pours the liquid nitrogen into the mix, the bowl begins to omit a vapor cloud as if some type of alchemy experiment is underway. The food mixer is turned on and the ingredients began to spin. In a few minutes, the super-cold liquid nitrogen turns the raw ingredients into delicious, smooth-as-silk ice cream.”

This much quicker process of making ice cream prevents ice crystals from forming and results in a smoother, more custard- or gelato-like treat. I enjoyed the ice cream I sampled and would definitely return both for the novelty and just the flavor itself, which was way above average.

The bubblecone looks awesome, and I actually liked it but several Facebook friends have given it mixed reviews. It’s certainly less of a “cone” and more of a regular waffle served in a cone shape, and I can see how this can be a disappointment for those expecting a standard cone experience. In addition to the ice cream, Milkcraft serves the creamibun, a glazed donut filled with ice cream then hot sealed!


I have not been back to Fairfield since my initial visit to Milkcraft, but next time I’m in the area I will definitely stop in again for an updated review. In the meantime, if you’ve been to Milkcraft let us know what you think.

Big sister was kind enough to join me for some nitro-goodness

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